Jared & Jenn Engaged.

Ahhh I love it when my friends get engaged! Jenn is my oldest friend, who I spent a huge chunk of my life with over the years, between our week-long+ sleepovers, all of the church stuff we did, photo shoots & beach days, even Florida with my fam.. She is like the (5th) sister I never had. ;) 
I am obviously SO thrilled for Jenn and Jared, they are so perfect together and I know that their marriage will be such a beautiful one to watch unfold! Jenn stood beside me when I said "I do" almost 3 years ago, and I am honoured to be there with her on her big day... {Keep an eye out for the photos!}

We shot these photos at my go-to spots for cold snowy days.. a few shots outside at my favourite road in Oro, and then off to the best coffee & cake shop to warm up..
Hope you love the photos guys, you are pretty good looking if I do say so.