...Just a few more.

Here I go again....
I've been snapping some great shots lately of a really good looking guy.. He's just about 1 and a half, and steals my heart every day. 
This is my guy, just hanging out with mom playing under some fresh white sheets.. he loves to hide and then jump out to scare me. 
Here are just a few more pictures of my Mr. E. 
How could I not share these? 


A Boy & Some Ducks.

The other day we went out to visit my parents like we usually do. Eli won't even go in the door any more, and if somehow we manage to get him inside, he grabs his boots and pushes you out of your chair. "atside! pease!" There is just so much to see and do, why waste time inside? 
I loove being out in the country, this is where I grew up and lived most of my life, it is really cool to watch Eli play in the same spots I did as a kid. It brings back all of the memories of running around in our bare feet, playing in our log cabin that our parents built, swimming in the muddy pond, (Eli hasn't been allowed to try that one) exploring the woods and seeing all the animals that lived there... I'm definitely a country girl. 

Since the snow melted, two ducks have been claiming my parent's pond as their home. They are there every day and are probably Eli's current best friends. He feeds them, (..more like shares the bread with them, giving himself every other piece) talks to them, (..more like quacks with them) and plays catch with them (..more like throws stones 'to' them.) They have warmed up to this crazy guy and it was great to get some pictures of him exploring the outdoors, creating memories of his own.
..He had to take a little break on his tummy to make sure he picked the right rock to throw. Life is good.


John & Nicole: A Lovely Couple.

I am just so happy spring is finally here! Even though it's been a bit chilly the past couple of weeks, the dry grass and sunshine makes me want to run outside and take pictures of everything all day long..obviously that is not the case in my busy life as a mom, so it was great to hear from John and Nicole about some pictures of the two of them all in love. Nicole is one of my oldest friends, we don't see each other that much any more but I still love her to bits, and when we do it is great to catch up. We used to take lots of pictures for fun back in the day, so any time I get a chance to take some pics with this girl I'm happy, it brings back some fun memories. ;) I'm so happy for these two, they look great together and I'm pretty happy with how these pictures turned out. It was a little cool and windy as we were snapping these pics, but they were troopers. & John didn't even make a fuss when a sheep tried to take a bite of his pants!! 
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The Valade Family.

We stopped in to take some pictures of this beautiful family this weekend on the way to visit some friends. They're definitely such a happy bunch, who are so full of joy as new parents to such a cute little man, they never stop smiling! Here are some of the photos we took, glad the rain held off!