Jeremy & Katrina's Wedding

I am SO excited to share these photos with you. The bride and groom happen to be our very close friends, which made this so much more fun to shoot. So, Jon & I made the trip East to New Brunswick for the weekend to shoot and be a part of this very special day, which happened to be beautiful. It was a great time for me because not only was I able to photograph their wedding, I was also a  bridesmaid...I shot the first half of the day in my PJ's which I don't normally get to do! ;)  & I was honoured to stand up with this couple and support their decision to join together for a lifetime. 
Jon helped with the photos and I am so proud to show off some of his best work yet! I could go on for so long about this wedding, but I guess I'll just let you take a look for yourself.
Love you Mr. & Mrs. Veenstra, you are terrific. :)