2013 Weddings!

I can't believe we are nearing the end of October.. it seems like I was JUST gearing up for my first of my 2013 weddings!! ..But another wedding season has come to a close and we are so thankful to have captured the special days of these couples! They were all so individually beautiful, and we are so excited for each and every one of you as you are now living as married couples and starting a new journey of love and commitment together! All the best to you guys, we hope you love the photos and that they take you back to the sweet memories from your wedding day!

Can't wait for 2014. BOOKING NOW! (what!?!)


Tyson & Paola Engaged.

We caught the last day of Autumn before the cold, rain and snow hit (..and it seems to be sticking..booo!).. I couldn't have asked for better weather or light last friday afternoon and to pair that with this couple was perfect! There's nothing better than the bright fall colours, dark black October skies, & natural sun spots in these photos. These two are so sweet, and it was great to finally connect after messaging for a couple months about their engagement photos! 
They fit so well together and take some seriously beautiful photos! 
All the best you guys as you plan for you marriage! 

Operation Christmas Child

ahh. I Love this time of year, every time I see the red & green boxes coming into churches, getting the pamphlets in the mail .. it just makes my heart excited!

I was barely 17, never flown on a plane before I found myself landing in a foreign place with a group of 100 youth from all over North America. My heart would never be the same.

If you ask me about my trip, I still have a hard time putting it into words. God changed who I am and used this experience to shape Me. It was almost 7 years ago and I can still see those kids, and smell the place..

...That little boy who received what we thought was nothing in his box, to see his tears of happiness over a few pencils and crayons..

...Every time we counted down in spanish 3...2...1.... and those kids together, ripped open their first-ever gift I could just feel the love of Jesus pouring into their lives.

..The time we didn't have enough boxes. Those 13 girls who stood in line.. waiting.. we prayed in desperation and as we finished a man ran up with another box full of shoeboxes, 13 to be exact, all labelled "girl."

The stories are endless. These aren't just pictures. When you look at them, try to feel what they feel in that moment. These are real kids, real lives. And those boxes IMPACT.

Please pack a box. Spend $20 at a dollar store on a child, and know that it will change their life.

Click here to learn how.

Pictures are from my trips to El Salvador and Argentina with Samaritan's Purse.


The Westerhof & Kuikman families

Lots of laughs with this group! We got together thanksgiving weekend to grab some photos of this extended family. There's probably no better time than thanksgiving for photos with everyone being together, and taking advantage of the beautiful Canadian fall season. So here's a handful from our shoot with these guys. They look friendly, but if you don't cheer for the Leaf's.. you might be in trouble.