The Wright Fam!

One more post!
Just a little snapshot of this family, who we are also blessed to call friends-and like we've talked about, it's so fun seeing Ollie and Eli play together and that 10 month gap has slowly closed in.
(Ollie doesn't even let that small age difference stop him from trying the stunts Eli pulls.. like diving out of the window of the playhouse like Eli did... hahah! So funny!) 

Here's some pics of these FOUR! ...and then we lost Ollie.
Theo, you've got lots of wrestling matches, mud, racing and cars ahead of you, you'll catch up with the two big boys in no time!


Graeme & Julie: Baby Bump!

Ah. Today is a great day! I love getting to take and share some photos I took this weekend of some our close friends..These people just bless us!
Next up on the blog, BABY BUMP.
When Julie messaged me back in the spring to fill me in that they were expecting their first little bundle of JOY, I was instantly in tears and just. so. thrilled.
You guys are going to be amazing parents to this little miss and I am SO excited to meet her. (Evie is excited too!)
Julie, 34 weeks looks incredible on you; you are definitely glowing, and I mean that!

So, here are a few from a short 'bump session' with these {three.} We'll maybe get some more before girlie gets here on a less-rainy day, but I think this is a great start anyway.


Ps. Julie, have I ever told you I love your rings? heh..

The Veenstra Family

These three! 
Had to share a few photos of this amazing family. Can't believe this little man has already past 6 months! (I'm reallllyyyy excited about how photogenic he is too.)
It's really fun documenting our friends through the stages of their lives, and we really have done just that with these two! Sometimes its me not really giving them an option other than to take their pictures ;) ... Love, marriage, baby, and here we are today! This family has so much ahead of them, and we are so blessed by them. {Thanks guys for always letting me photograph, it's crazy looking back on the photos of you guys. You've helped me to develop into the photographer I am today.}
Cake smash next? ...too soon, I know.



John & Julia's Wedding.

Ah these two! Another friend of mine went and got herself married! So hard to believe, but also totally suits this couple, and I was honoured to be a part of their day.
Julia! AS IF YOU ARE MARRIED! Soo happy for you. The words that surrounded this wedding were ones of joy and happiness. Everyone couldn't stop saying how perfect these two were for each other, and how happy each of them made the other. And its so true! Their personalities compliment each other so perfectly and you could not miss the joy on their faces!

And oh the rain! It always happens, there's always at least one rainy wedding for me- but honestly it didn't put a damper on this wedding at all, and their easy-going spirits just went with it! My kind of couple! (And hand dryers in washrooms are always available for drying wedding dresses, right Julia?)

Here's a handful from their Burlington wedding.
Beautiful day, beautiful couple! So much love to you guys as you journey on together. Keep laughing together.