Sweet Summertime.

I thought I would share a few shots of some fun we had last night, cause- they're pretty cute photos! :)  It's been an extremely challenging past 4 months for my family and with EVERYTHING going in on our life right now, we are being carried by only the strength Jesus offers us through his daily grace. I see it in so many small ways, and one of those is the joy my kids bring. Kids are just kids, they see the world through a different lens, and I think I captured a little bit of that while we stepped out and slowed down for just a few minutes. We soaked in the warm summer sun and listened to the playful squeals of our kids feeling loved, feeling grace, feeling hope. Soaking in the beautiful moments and making them count, we've only got one shot at this. 

<3 HGT


John & Nicole Engaged.

So, these two can take some great photos :)
I was so excited to be able to take some shots of my recently engaged, long-time friend Nicole and her husband to be, John. It's always so special to be a part of a friend's wedding preparations and to be able to capture some of this time is always a joy.
It was a beautiful evening and we found some great spots while walking along a little trail filled with wild flowers- the simple backdrop was so perfect for this shoot and I'm really pleased with how these photos turned out, capturing their love and relationship.
Take a look, leave some love!


Jacob & Brianna Engaged.

This year, there has been so many people around me who I've known for so long who have recently gotten engaged and getting to take photos of them is so great!! I'm always honoured when couples ask me to photograph this time in their lives. Brianna and Jacob are the sweetest couple, and I  feel like their photos from their esession really portray who they are as a couple. I love the light coming off of the water and how peaceful it was as we talked all about their upcoming wedding while snapping photos- I'm really looking forward to September to photograph the next big moment in their lives! 
Here's a handful from their recent engagement session, enjoy! 


Evan & Karen's Wedding

Jon & I spent the day at Belecroft estates a few weeks ago for this beautiful June wedding. When we met with Karen & Evan last year, we were so excited to be able to work with them to capture all of the moments throughout their special day! They had put so much thought into their wedding, and we loved how important it was for them to take the time to spend with their family and friends, and have a good time. It was a gorgeous venue, everyone was so thrilled for the newlyweds, and it was so great to watch their love as they took time to relax and soak in the first moments beginning their marriage.
Here are some photos from the big day!