The Chupp Family.

As my family photo season seems to be winding down, and after getting rained out several times I was so excited when we finally got together with this family of three to take some photos. They are such beauties! The Chupps took our family pictures a few weeks ago which we were so excited about, it was so much fun to be on the other side of the lens. We both have our own original styles and feeling to our photography which makes it even more fun to swap and anticipate the results. 
I've known Vanessa since high school and we reconnected during our pregnancies when we discovered we shared the same due date with our little kidlets. (Even though a due date meant nothing and they were born a month apart, to the day!) It has been really great sharing some of our experiences in motherhood and pregnancy and seeing another young couple doing what we are doing is definitely encouraging to us. 
Well, here are some of the photos from their family session. Winter is on it's way, it was a cold October evening that ended in sweet Ellie's nose turning a little pink. But the photos came out great. Hope you enjoy!


The Wigston Family.

I've been really enjoying getting to know Laura this past year. We've had some fun times at some of our crazy girl's nights and its been a blast.. Its great being able to have some good talks and fun laughs about pregnancy and being able to relate and share our experiences has been something I definitely cherish! I was so excited when she mentioned having me take some shots of her brand new baby girl. They are such a beautiful family! Here is their bundle of joy, she is too precious. 


Myles & Amber Got Engaged

I just love taking engagement photos! Besides shooting weddings, this is my favourite... which meant I was so excited when Amber asked me to take some pictures of her with Myles, her hubby to be. 
Every couple is different and unique but this stage in life is so much fun, regardless of who you are and I think you can definitely see their love and excitement as they prepare for their marriage. There is nothing better than two best friends desiring to commit to each other in the greatest way. 

All the best to you guys and I hope you love the photos!