Jeremy & Katrina's Baby Bump

Baby bump! Ahhh! And it's the Veenstras! Some of my favourite people in the world, who have been so encouraging and supportive of my photography over the past few years. I have had the honour of photographing these two many times (...Remember their wedding photos?) and each time the photos are just so natural and lovely! I love being able to photograph our friends! When they told us they were expecting their first baby back in the summer, I was overwhelmed with excitement and I'm pretty sure I demanded that I would be taking their baby bump photos. I can't believe we're already there! Not only are these two some of our best friends, but we have been privileged to share the pregnancy journey with them. (Can't believe we'll have babies just a month or so apart guys!) Anyways, I guess I should just post the photos already... can't wait until your little bean arrives and we can add 'The Veenstra Family' to my blog ;)
{Ps- isn't Katrina the most beautiful pregnant mamma to be? She was such a trooper trekking through the forest and snow.}