Sister Photoshoot

We grew up taking photos together for fun, so we always like to keep them updated when we're all together! Becky and our tag-along sister Tiff were both home from Alberta, so we ventured out on Friday to find a good place, since the light was so pretty. As sisters do, we were all debating back and forth to drive down this road or that, trying to find the perfectly lit field. "Left!" "No! Right!" "Not right, theres nothing there.."  ..when suddenly we all saw a hill that had to have potential on the other side.. "RIGHT! Go Right!" Hilary U-turned and we drove up this hill and right at the top found the most beautiful spot ever! Sun setting, lake, and field. We all cheered and laughed, and jumped out of the car to start snapping these. We had some fun, and the photos really turned out amazing!
Love these 4 girls to bits, so thankful to journey through life with them. We've had some hard times recently, but our friendship is strong and it's carried us through all the ups and downs. 


Baby Hunter

I met up with Lauren and her little family last week to snap some lifestyle newborn photos of her 1-month old baby girl, Hunter. Lauren is a natural mamma, and it was so sweet watching Hunter with her parents as they adjust to life with a new little. <3 The little miss would not sleep for us, no matter what we tried, we waited and waited but she just did not want to miss out on the action- go figure! We managed to get a few sleepy shots at the end before she woke up again, I'm thinking she's going to be an eager little girl who always wants to be a in on the party! :) 
Here's a handful of shots from their session.  


Troy & Kirsten's Wedding

We were definitely excited for this one! It's always fun shooting weddings with people you've worked with before, and when Troy messaged me after we shot his brother's wedding a few years ago we knew it would be another great day spent with this group. Troy & Kirsten are not only beautiful on the outside, but are just all around wonderful people to work with. You could not ask to photograph a sweeter couple! Their wedding was small, easy going and the details were stunning. From the venues, to the friends and family who shared in their day, it was all done so well and I am more than excited to share this wedding!
Hope you guys love the photos!

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