Tyler & Jenna Engaged

We met up with Tyler & Jenna on the weekend to snap some engagement photos, and had a great time walking down some tracks to various spots that this photogenic couple made gorgeous. These two are clearly best friends, and just look so perfect together. We can't wait for their upcoming wedding and are excited to share their photos-
Here a small peek at their photo session! 
Congratulations you two! 


The first.

So, I decided today to share a photo I shot from my very first wedding. I was just 17 when I shot this, looking back I wonder how successful of a job I actually did for them, and sometimes worry knowing that my photos have come a long way since I started.. But I realize that if it weren't for this couple (John&Lindsey) who definitely took a risk by asking me to cover their day, I would not be where I am today with my photography.

When I think back 6 years ago, one thing I remember from this day was being horrified when it started to pour rain as soon as we were to take their pictures. I just had a little D50 Nikon, no flash or experience with indoor lighting.. So, we said some prayers as we drove to the lake, and as soon as we pulled in we saw the perfect rainbow! -and with the ground still dripping we raced to the dock to capture the moment.

Thanks to everyone who has allowed me to capture some of your life's moments, without you I simply would not be here, doing this.


Go Candid.

I think the best thing to ever happen to photography has been the digital camera. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge sucker for the feel of film photography. I LOVE looking back from the antique photos from my mom of her as a baby and even some way back from when my grandparents were just toddlers. And browsing through the 100's of photos of me and my siblings growing up is something I always love to make time for, and digital or not- I always, always, always PRINT my photos.

The thing about digital is that you can just snap away, and pick through later what to keep- and with this option comes the option to take those natural candid shots. 
I've learnt as a mom of two, to roll with your kids when trying to get some photos. Even though I always want a picture of my buddy staring into the camera and smiling "nicely," I've learnt to love the photos he gives me, because they are him!
So, after trying to get my 2 and a half year old to SMILE!!! I gave up and took 2 dozen pictures of him deciding to chase me down with a water gun. Some were blurry due to me running backwards with my camera, and some had water marks on the lens. But these are the pictures I cherish, plus he was laughing so hard and having a ton of fun, rather then getting frustrated with me plopping him down and making him sit still.. so don't be afraid to take too many photos, and get the real shots!



Stephen & Rebekah's Wedding

Here's a handful from Stephen & Rebekah, as they said 'I do.'
Such a great couple to work with on their wedding day, and we got some great shots walking through the paths of this conservation area in Kitchener. It's always great when the rain holds off, (after a few drops) and the sky gives off its perfect lighting! Here is their wedding!

Enjoy the photos!