Sarah's Baby Bump

I had a lovely time snapping some photos of these two a couple of weeks ago! It was still a pretty cold April day, but the location on some forest roads was super photogenic. I love maternity photos, there is always such a natural joy and glow and its such a special time to cherish and remember, it goes so quickly! This couple welcomed their sweet one last week, and now they can look back on these photos and this time in their lives as they begin a new chapter! Congratulations you guys! 


Baby Sylvie

I have taken quite the variety of photos for these guys, and its always so special for me. I've so enjoyed my friendship with them and seeing their family grow has been a blessing to witness. God is so good and has been so faithful to them! Their newest little addition was such a sweet baby, and so easy to work! Here are just a few of my favourites.