Stephen & Rebekah Engaged

It has been such a WET season... rain everyday! After postponing this engagement session once or twice, I was really excited to be able to finally get it done and have a day with amazing weather and amazing lighting. Plus, it helps having subjects who happen to be in love and super photogenic. :) Enjoy these lovebirds! Excited to shoot their wedding next summer!


Dj & Bethany's Wedding

As my 2012 wedding season slowly comes to a close, I'm really excited to share these photos with you, and to have been a part of this day! What a great group of people! The bride and groom are surrounded by the support of their families and friends and this day was full of laughs and well wishes for this newly wed couple. 
All the best to you Mr. & Mr. Mudde! I hope you love the photos and cherish them for a lifetime together. 
God Bless!