The Pallant Family.

Here are some photos from Monday's family photo session.


Joey & Megan's Wedding

June is here, bringing another wedding for us to share with you! It was a pretty rainy weekend, and by 'pretty' I mean 'extremely' rainy... When we arrived in Cambridge the sky was dark and not looking too good {as the morning went on I kept peeking out the window making sure the rain was holding off!} 
I love the little moments during a wedding that make the day unique and memorable. As Megan was putting on her wedding dress her dad came into the room and pointed out to everyone that just as she had finished getting all done up, the sun came out brighter than it had in days!  It may sound cheesy, but those moments are always the ones that stick with me. 

Megan & Joey had a fabulous day and were surrounded by support. The love from their friends and family was so refreshing and we were so thrilled to be able to capture their wedding through our cameras. All the best to you Mr. & Mrs. Mudde :) 

Enjoy the photos.