Tommy & Micaela's Wedding

As a wedding photographer, my job is usually easy when it comes to capturing big emotions and milestones. A wedding day is typically filled with 'all the feels' and the atmosphere is filled with excitement and love... every now and then I'll be apart of a wedding where certain emotions stand out, and this was one of those days. Tommy & Micaela's love and excitement was SO visible, just to be young and starting a new journey together as husband and wife, they couldn't hide what they felt if they tried, and it was so sweet to see and capture.
There's something special about a young couple, seeking out Christ passionately and joining together as they continue to follow God's lead on their life. Embracing big hard decisions, but taking it on with confidence and faith. I truly admire it and know that God will do great things as this couple grows together and discovers all that is ahead of them!

Here are a few favourites from their sweet, sweet day.