Mike & Allison Engaged.

I was looking out the window ALL day trying to decided whether or not to postpone this photo shoot. It POURED and poured all day, which is the most frustrating thing as a photographer...But just before I had to leave, there was some blue sky and there was the sun! I'm SO glad that we went ahead with it, because this is that lighting that will make a photo! ..Great lighting aside, it was so awesome to get to work with these two! They are so great, and seeing them together and constantly making each other laugh is contagious. 
Here are just a few of their engagement session at a beautiful friend's sheep farm in Innisfil. (thanks for letting me get in the fields!) ;) 
All the best you two! There's lots more laughs ahead of you. 

 {this one's for you mike...}


Jason & Christine's Wedding

Here's a preview from a wedding we shot last weekend in Orillia. It was finally a wedding without any heat! The weather was gorgeous, and this entire group had a lot of fun together, you could definitely tell they are a tight knit group of friends which made them great to work with, and they were such a sweet couple.
Here's some of their day! All the best Mr. & Mrs. Oliver!