Jeff, Kate & the bump!

It feels like just weeks ago I was taking pictures of these two and their engagement, and just like that a new chapter of life begins and I'm lucky enough to photograph it! Kate messaged me last minute for some maternity photos, and I'm so glad she did! It is so special to document these moments and to be able to look back on them as a mom is precious. (I know it does NOT feel like it now Kate) but this time does go quickly and you will be looking back on it in no time, even missing parts of it! You're a stunning mama, and I cannot wait to hear that your little babe has arrived safe and sound! Hope you love these shots! 


The Currie Family

Brianne was the winner of a little giveaway we did on Instagram during the winter, and I'm so glad she won and chose to have her sweet NEW little boy photographed! These moments are so precious for a couple as they welcome their first baby into the world, and capturing a small glimpse of this time on camera is super special. Cherish these moments!
Not only are these three a GORGEOUS family (that need to keep having babies, cause look at them!!) ..but they are total naturals at this parent thing. While editing these photos, I just felt so excited for them as they begin this journey...theres so much adventure ahead for you guys, and you are already doing such a fantastic job! Keep soaking it in, keep taking photos, and always look back on them. Hope these pics are special for you!


Hilary & Tyler's Couple Shoot

The weather has been slowly getting better and better which makes me so eager to get outside and start snapping some photos! So we spent a few minutes last weekend doing these, it's always a good thing to keep your photos updated! Its already May, and this month we've got a wedding and some engagement photos coming which will be a blast. One month closer to summer, which is about to get super busy, so if you want some new pictures to hang up while you spring clean and organize let me know! :) Now's the time!