Brian & Tori's Wedding

It was such a pleasure to wrap up my final wedding of the 2018 season with these two. There were so many details that went into this day, each with special thought and care that made this wedding beautiful. Brian & Tori were surrounded by so many people, and they were intentional about spending their day enjoying the community that surrounded them. Clearly soaking in the moments together- savouring all that the day represented. It's pretty unique to witness a couple truly being present in the midst of the chaos that a wedding celebration could bring, but they accomplished this so well, it was beautiful and so refreshing.

Here are just a small few of my favourite photos, I hope they tell the story of this day and share a bit about this couple and their love for each other.

Thanks so much for stopping by. 
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  1. Both tears and laughter captured in these photos, bringing back the memories of an emotionally touching day as this wonderful couple committed themselves to each other, before God and their loved ones.

  2. These capture a perfect beautiful day. Wonderful job!

  3. Having just got married last week, I was eager to tell everyone about this place. We had the perfect wedding, thanks to their amazing service. Most places don’t care and charge you for a lot of the things that guys at these NYC wedding venues were willing to help us out with.