Graeme & Julie: Baby Bump!

Ah. Today is a great day! I love getting to take and share some photos I took this weekend of some our close friends..These people just bless us!
Next up on the blog, BABY BUMP.
When Julie messaged me back in the spring to fill me in that they were expecting their first little bundle of JOY, I was instantly in tears and just. so. thrilled.
You guys are going to be amazing parents to this little miss and I am SO excited to meet her. (Evie is excited too!)
Julie, 34 weeks looks incredible on you; you are definitely glowing, and I mean that!

So, here are a few from a short 'bump session' with these {three.} We'll maybe get some more before girlie gets here on a less-rainy day, but I think this is a great start anyway.


Ps. Julie, have I ever told you I love your rings? heh..


  1. Awesome work Erica! but then again.... Your work is always awesome :)